Umwelt-, Ressourcen- und Ökologische Ökonomik

Papiere in Arbeit

  • Valuing the Future: Comparing Expert Views of Economists and Philosophers (with B. Groom and F. Nesje)

  • Income and Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services around the Globe. (with J.N. Meya)

  • Inter- and Intragenerational Distribution and Valuation of Natural Capital (with S. Baumgärtner, J.N. Meya and M.F. Quaas)

  • Between Ostrom and Nordhaus: The Research Landscape of Sustainability Economics (with S. Baumgärtner et al.)

  • Experimental Sustainability Economics (with S. Wolf et al.)

  • Social-ecological and ecological-economic: Complementary perspectives on human-nature relationships (with S. Baumgärtner and M.F. Quaas)