Environmental and Resource Economics

Dr. Nada Maamoun


Wilhelm-Selig-Platz 1, R. 313

Office hours by appointment


Nada Maamoun is resently finalized her PhD in economics at the university of Hamburg. Her dissertation addresses questions on the effectiveness of international environmental policy and she is especially interested in climate change and air pollution mitigation. Her research interests lie in the analysis of the global climate policy and its ability in paving the way to climate stability. She applies empirical models to analyze the performance of IEAs, in specific those addressing climate change and transboundary air pollution and the role of collective action therein. In addition to the analysis of IEAs, she is specifically interested in the role of energy policies in mitigating climate change and in specific how coal-fired energy fits in the current global climate discourse.

Additional research interests include the role of free-riding in IEAs, air pollution mitigation, and natural disasters. Currently, she is also a student fellow in the Initiative of sustainable energy policy (ISEP) at Johns Hopkins University, where she works primarily on coal fired energy and the potential benefits of its early retirement in terms of air pollution mitigation as well as global climate stability. 




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Policy briefs

Maamoun, N(2019). Identifying Coal-Fired Power Plants for Early Retirement (ISEP Policy Brief (2019-1)).https://sais-isep.org/?cat=482


Papers in progress

  1. Kim, S.E., Maamoun, N., Gopinathan, N. & Urpelainen, J. (2020). Air Pollution and Public Opinion: a Systematic Literature Review(Review & resubmit)
  2. Yang, J., Maamoun, N., Jin, Y. Urpelainen, J. (2020). Political Economy of falling Capacity Factors in Indian Coal-fired Power Plants (Submitted).
  3. Maamoun, N.. (2020) IEAs and compliance: Do treaty linkages play a role? (In progress).
  4. Maamoun, N., Kennedy, R. , D’souza, D., Gray, M. Urpelainen, J. (2020). Early retirements of global coal-fired power plants (joint project with Carbon Tracker) (In progress).
  5. Maamoun, N., Yang, J. , Jin, Y. Urpelainen, J. (2020). Multi-dimensional Analysis of Indian Coal-fired Power Plants (In Progress).
  6. Wang, Z., Maamoun, N., Urpelainen, J. (2020). Education and Climate Change Awareness (In Progress)