Umwelt- und Ressourcenökonomik

Haupt-Publikationen von Martin Quaas

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fisheries economics

  • Quaas MF, Froese R, Herwartz H, Requate T, Schmidt JO, Voss R. Fishing Industry Borrows from Natural Capital at High Shadow Interest Rates (2012). Ecological Economics (82):45–52 .

  • Skonhoft A, Vestergaard, N and Quaas MF. Optimal harvest in an age structured model with different fishing selectivity (2012). Environmental and Resource Economics 51(4):525-544.


climate engineering


sustainability economics: concepts

  • Derissen S, Quaas MF and Baumgärtner S (2011). The relationship between resilience and sustainable development of ecological-economic systems. Ecological Economics, 70(6): 1121-1128.
  • Baumgärtner S and Quaas MF (2010). What is sustainability economics? Ecological Economics 69: 445:450.

uncertainty and renewable resource use

regime shifts and resilience

urban and spatial economics

  • Lange A and Quaas MF (2010). Analytical characteristics of thecore-periphery model, International Regional Science Review 33(4): 437-455.