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Wissenschaftliche Presentationen

United Nations’ Ocean Conference, U.N. Headquarters, New York City, Side Event “Ocean Acidification: What can we do about it?”, panel member and talk: “Do we have to take the bitter with the sour? A next generation scientist’s consideration of risk of ocean acidification on fish and fisheries, and how these can be minimized.”

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Stiasny, M.H., Sswat, M., Mittermayer, F.H.,  Hänsel, M., Voss, R., Reusch, T.B.H., Quaas, M., Clemmesen, C., Climate Change impacts on Atlantic cod, European Commission, DG Mare Lunchtime Conference Series, Brussels, Belgium, October 2016

Stiasny, M.H., Hänsel, M., Clemmesen, C., Dahlke, F., Mittermayer, F.H., Quaas, M., Reusch, T., Storch, D., Voss, R, Socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification and warming on Barents Sea Cod, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Annual Science Conference, Riga, Latvia, September 2016

Stiasny, M.H., Sswat, M., Mittermayer, F.H., Voss, R., Jutfelt, F., Chierici, M., Puvanendran, V., Mortensen, A., Reusch, T.B.H., Clemmesen, C. Effects of end-of-the-century ocean acidification on Atlantic cod larvae of different populations in terms of survival, growth and recruitment to the fished stocks. International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Annual Science Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2015